Video: Motorcycle Fashion PIF

It’s interesting how the perception of safety is so different between scooters and motorcycles. It’s particularly evident in the typical choices in helmets and riding apparel. An open-face, 3/4 or half helmet is often times referred to as a “scooter helmet” — as though your jaw is somehow impervious to concrete just because you’re on a scooter. This two-tiered approach is nothing new, as this vintage safety movie demonstrates. Of course, any helmet is better than none.

[Via: BlueCat Motors]
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  • The video looks to be about late 60’s vintage and those helmets were the norm for motorcycle and scooter riders in that era.  When I started riding motorcycles in ’72 the choices were 3/4 or half helmets. I bought the first full face helmet that you could wear with glasses sometime around 1976 or a bit later.

    I bought my scooter two years ago after 40 years of motorcycle riding. Actually I still ride motorcycles – I just added the scooter for city errands. I wear the same gear on my scooter as I do on my motorcycle. This not the not the norm. I figure that hitting the pavement at 30 mph off of a scooter will cause the same damage to my tender pink body as with a motorcycle. Others seem to think that scooters are different.  They’re not.

    Dale B

    • My thoughts exactly, Dale. Same gear for both types of bike for me too. The only thing I swap out is I have a Bell 500 Classic with a bubble visor that I wear when I’m riding my vintage Honda motorcycle to a specific event. Otherwise I’m full-face and full gear (except for pants, haven’t worked that out yet).

  • Karryll Nason

    I like fashion as much as the next person–more than most, probably–but there’s one thing to keep in mind, whether you’re riding a motorcycle or a scooter: if you fall, the pavement doesn’t know the difference and doesn’t care. ATTGATT is where it’s at, although I have to admit that I sometimes wear slightly less robust gear when I’m riding around town at 30mph than I do on the freeway at 70mph. I do not go on the freeway without a full-face helmet, armored jacket, armored pants and motorcycle boots. And I always wear gloves, no matter what. When I see people riding in T-shirts, shorts and sandals, it just gives me shivers.