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It’s interesting how the perception of safety is so different between scooters and motorcycles. It’s particularly evident in the typical choices in helmets and riding apparel. An open-face, 3/4 or half helmet is often times referred to as a “scooter helmet” — as though your jaw is somehow impervious to concrete just because you’re on a scooter. This two-tiered approach is nothing new, as this vintage safety movie demonstrates. Of course, any helmet is better than none.

[Via: BlueCat Motors]

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  • Dalebor

    The video looks to be about late 60′s vintage and those helmets were the norm for motorcycle and scooter riders in that era.  When I started riding motorcycles in ’72 the choices were 3/4 or half helmets. I bought the first full face helmet that you could wear with glasses sometime around 1976 or a bit later.

    I bought my scooter two years ago after 40 years of motorcycle riding. Actually I still ride motorcycles – I just added the scooter for city errands. I wear the same gear on my scooter as I do on my motorcycle. This not the not the norm. I figure that hitting the pavement at 30 mph off of a scooter will cause the same damage to my tender pink body as with a motorcycle. Others seem to think that scooters are different.  They’re not.

    Dale B

    • Nathaniel Salzman

      My thoughts exactly, Dale. Same gear for both types of bike for me too. The only thing I swap out is I have a Bell 500 Classic with a bubble visor that I wear when I’m riding my vintage Honda motorcycle to a specific event. Otherwise I’m full-face and full gear (except for pants, haven’t worked that out yet).

  • Karryll Nason

    I like fashion as much as the next person–more than most, probably–but there’s one thing to keep in mind, whether you’re riding a motorcycle or a scooter: if you fall, the pavement doesn’t know the difference and doesn’t care. ATTGATT is where it’s at, although I have to admit that I sometimes wear slightly less robust gear when I’m riding around town at 30mph than I do on the freeway at 70mph. I do not go on the freeway without a full-face helmet, armored jacket, armored pants and motorcycle boots. And I always wear gloves, no matter what. When I see people riding in T-shirts, shorts and sandals, it just gives me shivers.

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