Video: The Dianese D-Air Street System In Detail

We are of the opinion that there is zero difference in the safety risks taken on a scooter to those taken on a motorcycle. Wearing your riding gear can quite literally save your life. Thankfully, that gear is only getting lighter, lower profile and easier to live with in time. Online moto magazine Hell for Leather has been doing terrific ongoing coverage of the Dianese D-Air system, and today they shared the video above, which shows an in-depth look at the Street version.

In short, the D-Air Street is a motorcycle jacket with an airbag for your torso and neck. Inflation helps protect your spine, ribs and neck from injury in a crash situation. As exposed as we all are on our scooters, every little bit helps, but in the case of the D-Air Street, Dianese is quite literally bringing racing safety technology to regular riders. Sure, it’s not cheap, but neither is physical therapy. The beauty of this D-Air system, however, is in just how low-profile the system is. It doesn’t add bulk to the rider’s jacket.

The poster boy for the D-air system is Isle of Mann TT racing legend Guy Martin. Guy is not simply a spokesman for Dianese, he’s been a test pilot for the system during development and he wears a D-Air racing suit when he races the infamous TT. His endorsement of the system is pretty substantive, as it’s quite literally saving his hide.

While racing leathers are a bit extreme for street use no matter what you’re riding, scooter riders can benefit from these advances in safety technology just as much as motorcyclists. It’s a common misconception that how hard you hit the ground is related to how fast you’re going. That isn’t actually true. So as we like to say, the pavement doesn’t care if you fell of a Vespa or a Ducati.

Source: Hell for Leather

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