An Ingenious DIY Scooter Trailer

An amazing number of people travel on their scooters. The tricky part is how to carry all your gear on such small machines. Well one intrepid home inventor, Pascal Roobrouck of Antwerpen, Belgium built his own cargo trailer for his Vespa GTS.

Ingenious DIY Scooter Trailer

What’s particularly remarkable about this little trailer is that it’s well-built yet approachable. Sure, he had to do a little aluminum welding, but if that were the only part of the project one had to outsource, the rest looks pretty straightforward. A lot of DIY projects look rather home-made, but this little trailer could just about pass for production-quality. At first glance, I thought perhaps the brake rotor on the rear wheel was functional. Maybe that’s for version 2.0.

You can see Pascal’s whole build over on Instructables, and make your own!

Tip of the hat to Johnny Reitan for tracking this down.

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