Custom: The Hunter’s Honda Ruckus

When hunting enthusiast Mike Schoby went looking for a two-wheeler to rekindle the boyhood glee of romping around the woods on his Honda Trail 90, he was disappointed to find that there aren’t really any equivalent bikes around these days and that vintage Trail 90s were more expensive than he cared to pay. So what did he do? He did what many scooter customizers have done. He bought a Honda Ruckus and transformed it into just what he was looking for. The result is a Ruckus ready for small game adventure.


A quick search online revealed that Ruckus’s are possibly one of the most highly modified motorcycles of our time. Customized in every manner from stretched, to lowered, to metallic painted, to fat tires and monster engines, builders have poured thousands into these little bikes. But for as many custom versions I found, I didn’t find a hunt-specific ruckus. Something modified to be more off road capable, carry the gear needed and look tough (at least as tough as a grown man can look on a scooter) as possible.

I finally ordered a new Ruckus and tore it down to the last bolt. Plastic floor pan removed, the frame and gas tank received a textured bed lining for durability, while the rest of the metal and cowling got painted Army Green. Reassembled the bike was starting to take shape. Now to accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.


The result of Schoby’s efforts is pretty remarkable. Beyond just a style exercise, Mike has extensively reworked his Ruckus to haul everything from rifles to extra fuel, yet he’s done it with a great deal of panache. Where some might have just gone the duct tape and bungie chord route, this Ruckus is carefully crafted and includes rich details that make it almost a shame to get the thing dirty. Almost.

Check out the full details of Mike’s hunting Ruckus over at Peterson’s Hunting


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