Ride safe with ScootSafely.com

Scooters are a heck of a lot of fun. We all know that. For me, part of what makes any 2-wheeled vehicle fun to ride is that continuous journey of becoming a better and better rider. Whether it’s learning how to take a corner faster, how to brake with more confidence, or how to move better through traffic — there’s a lot of satisfaction in simply being good at riding itself.

A big part of that skill is how to ride for safety. There are hundreds of little tips and techniques that make a difference in getting you to your destination. From how and when you use your turn signals, to lane position, to learning how to read traffic — making regular practice of these techniques can quite literally save your life. What are these techniques? Well look no further than ScootSafely.com to get started.

ScootSafely.com has been mentioned all over the scooternet today, and with much deserved fanfare. You can’t enjoy your scooter if you’re dead. Let’s just be frank about it. Now does that mean you need to ride every ride with a bright orange safety vest on? Maybe, maybe not. But no matter your safety approach, information is always key. The more you know, right?

Founded and written by the UK’s Alan Hearnshaw, ScootSafely.com is a great place to get started. It appears that the site is just getting under way, but already, the tips Alan is sharing are great info for new and experienced riders alike. With all the scooter blogs out there, it’s great to see one focused on safety. Keep it coming, Alan!

Source: Genuine Scooter Company

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