Riding a Custom Ruckus on the Tail of the Dragon

I love a tricked-out Honda Ruckus. I just do. They’re ridiculous in the best possible way and a terrific way to scratch the tuner itch without taking yourself too seriously. Recently Joe Gustafsun, a motorcycle buddy of mine, got to ride a custom Ruckus down the infamous Tale of the Dragon, and his experience makes for a fun read:

The Ruckus’ powertrain screamed into a battle pace, but velocity was nonexistent. In fact, I was bleeding speed at a painfully slow rate as I crawled up a hill. A Ninja 250 rider passed me at a dizzying speed. Shame washed under my helmet. And then I crested the hill and began my descent.

I plunged down a seemingly gigantic decline, and the rule of the day was set—momentum at all costs. As I entered the Dragon, I was going as fast as the scooter would allow. Bereft of gauges, I’m guessing it somewhere between glacial and amusing.

His experience is captured over at Cycle World, where you can read the article in full.

What about you? Have you taken your scooter somewhere a little bonkers? Tell us about it in the comments.

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