Found: Candles That Smell Like 2-Stroke Exhaust

As world emissions standards get more stringent, the 2-stroke engine’s days are numbered. I can count on one hand the number of 2-stroke scooters and motorcycles still for sale in the USA, for example. Yet for many, a 2-stroke scooter is an iconic thing. Nearly all the vintage scooters were 2-strokes. For those who aren’t familiar with these engines, one of the things that make them different from 4-stroke engines is that the engine is lubricated via oil mixed into the gasoline, rather than oil in the engine’s crankcase. With the oil in the fuel, it burns during combustion, so a 2-stroke engine will have a lot of smoke in its exhaust and it leaves behind a very distinct odor.

For fans of 2-strokes, it’s a great smell. It’s iconic. It’s the smell of a whole era of two-wheel fun. Well as 2-strokes get more and more rare, fans of oil burners now have an option to relish their favorite smell, but without actually having to maintain a working 2-stroke bike. Enter the Two Stroke Smoke Candle ($20) from Flying Tiger Motorcycles. Fill your home or garage with the distinct smell of 2-stroke exhaust. If exhaust isn’t your thing, they also offer an Open Road Candle, although I’m not sure exactly what they think that smells like.

If any of you scooter fans actually snag one of these, we want to hear from you. Does the smell hold up? Let us know.

Via: Steve Guzman on Facebook

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