ScooterFile at Amerivespa 2012

Both Eric and I will be in attendance at Amerivespa this weekend in Lake Geneva, WI and we’re super excited. Festivities begin Thursday and there are a plethora of scooter and non-scooter related activities to partake in.

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Scooter, moped and more racing at ThunderDrome 2012

Grass roots racing has a glorious history in this country. It’s where NASCAR started, but it’s also where thousands of people each week still get together and race wheel to wheel for nothing more than bragging rights and the post-adrenaline endorphin high.

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Local News Outlet Reports on Scooter Cannonball

Abilene-area news outlet Reporter News ran a story today on their website highlighting the leg of the Scooter Cannonball that had just passed through their town. I particularly appreciate how they highlight not just the fun seriousness with which the contenders take the race, but also the charitable aspects.

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