Law and Regulation

Opinion: Should the 50cc License Gap Close?

In many places around the world, there are two classes of scooters: those below 50cc and those above 50cc. For scooters and mopeds below 50cc that meet certain other standards (such as making less than 2 hp or being capable of only 34 mph) owners aren’t required to get a separate motorcycle endorsement on their drivers license to operate these vehicles on the road. In some places, these sub-50cc bikes don’t even have to be titled or registered.

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Scooter solution to pooper-scooper scofflaws in Paris

Whenever someone wants to disparage Paris, he inevitably brings up the problem of dog poop (more formally referred to as les crottes de chien) in the streets. I’ve never given this much credence, since I’ve been to Paris a half-dozen times and never noticed a particular problem. Since 2002, it’s been mandatory to pick up after your pooch, with stiff fines of $238-$585 for failing to do so. Naturally, some dog-owners feel this doesn’t mean them, and Parisian gendarmes are lax in enforcing the law.

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