Video: PBS NewsHour on Helmet Laws and Motorcycle Deaths

In a recent episode of PBS’s NewsHour, Rick Schmitt of comes on to discuss a recent CDC study regarding the correlation between motorcycle deaths and helmet use. More specifically, to point out that while both car and motorcycle use have both gone up, automobile fatalities have dropped sharply, while motorcycle (and ostensibly, by extension, scooter) fatalities have more than doubled. The study draws a correlation between the sharp uptick in motorcyclist fatalities and an ever shrinking patchwork of mandatory helmet use laws.

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Opinion: What a Scooterist Wears. Fashion vs. Protection.

Over the years motorcycle or scooter riders have also developed fashion for both style and functionality. When I see a person clad in black, my first thought is that they’re likely a motorcyclist because of the look. But beyond identification, that gear protects the wearer in case of a fall.

Turns out that motorcycle riding gear has a really interesting history. You can see some of that history in this infographic created by the UK’s Bennett’s Insurance:

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