Star F1 Driver Louis Hamilton Races Around Rome on Red Vespa

Celebrities on scooters is nothing new, but ever once in a while it’s someone actually interesting. In this case, it’s Formula One racing driver Louis Hamilton, who was spotted in Rome doing the touristy thing of running around with his lady friend, former Pussycat Doll’s front-woman Nicole Scherzinger, on a bright red Vespa. Those who don’t follow the F1 circuit might recognize Hamilton from his speedy appearance on Top Gear UK:

If nothing else, it’s fun to see that even for a guy who regularly drives the most advanced cars in the world in the neighborhood of 200 mph, a zip around Rome on a Vespa is still his idea of a good time. You can click through to the original story for more photos of Louis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger.

Via: Facebook

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