A Radical Custom Scooter from Indonesia’s K-kustom Garage

Here’s one from the ScooterFile Mail Bag. Ariez Thuex of Indonesia’s K-kustom Garage sent us this lovely custom scooter project they’ve just wrapped up. At first glance, you might think it’s a Honda Ruckus, but it’s actually something much more unexpected.


According to Ariez, the original scooter is a Qinggi 50cc, which a quick Google Image search will show you looks kind of like a Kymco Super 8. What K-kustom Garage has done here is strip the bike down of all its plastic body work and then build it back up with a mix of hand-chosen parts from other small modern scooters, from bicycles and even vintage Vespas. That is, all the parts that they didn’t fabricate themselves.


Components made from scratch include about 80% of the frame, the fuel tank, the oil tank and utility pieces like the switch boxes. As you can see the craftsmanship is remarkable. It’s a humble little bike, but it makes a bold statement in its details. It’s proof once again that something need not be outlandish to be remarkable.

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