Hyundai to Develop Electric Scooter

Hyundai IONIQ
The Hyundai IONIQ lineup (scooter forthcoming, maybe)

When motor companies look at solutions for “personal mobility” and “urban mobility,” their attentions often turn to scooters, and in particular, electric scooters. Over the past several years, Piaggio, Honda, BMW, Mini, Smart, Yamaha, KTM, Volkswagen, and others have all shown e-scooter concept vehicles, though few have actually made it into production.

The next automaker to offer their version of the idea will be Hyundai, which recently announced that it’s developing a single-seat electric car and a wearable robot in addition to the scooter. The vehicles and device are part of the Korean company’s “future mobility” IONIQ project, which currently includes an electric car and two hybrids.

The company has offered no further information about the scooter, but it’s safe to assume that production is highly unlikely or very far in the future. At the very least, the concept will be either very cool, like their 2015 Enduro concept, or very weird, like their 2013 E4U personal egg person mover thing.

Hyundai Enduro concept

Cool: Hyundai’s compact crossover concept

Hyundai E4U concept

Weird: The Hyundai E4U concept egg-shaped person moving thing

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