The Antro Moveo Electric Folding Scooter

Transportation, and especially two wheel transportation, is fertile ground for the world’s industrial designers. Of consistent interest are new ways to move people around inside of cities. With people living increasingly urban lives and wishing to minimize both their carbon footprint and the sheer bulk of “stuff” in their lives, concepts like this Moveo folding electric scooter are finding more and more interest. Built by the Hungarian non-profit transportation org Antro Group, the Moveo is their answer to getting around town. What’s particularly interesting about the Moveo is not simply that it folds up, but that it’s actually got hub motors in both wheels. This is an interesting choice, as it’s counterintuitive to any idea of weight savings. Yet, there would be considerable traction and handling advantages to putting power down through both wheels. This is not uncommon in electric scooter concepts, but Antro seems intent on producing the Moveo as presented.

The Antro Moveo Folding Electric Scooter

Projected Specifications:
– carbon-composite, monocoque body
– Li-ion batteries
– electronic in-wheel-motors in both wheels
– pedal generator for physical exercise and supplementary charge
– performance: 2×400 W
– speed: 30 mph
– weight: < 55 lb - range: 20-40 miles based on which battery pack is installed The concept seems to ride that line between electric bicycle and electric scooter rather well. Would this be the best of both worlds? We're going to reach out to Antro and see if they have plans for US distribution. If so, I wonder if one couldn't get away with riding this on the local bike paths. Those less restricted capillary routes could introduce a lot of interesting commute options. What do you folks think? With a target price of just over $3,200 does the Moveo make sense? Sound off in the comments. [gallery columns="4" link="file" ids="2359,2362,2360,2366,2361,2363,2364,2367"] Via: Beautiful Life

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