Slaughterhouse 18 is this weekend in Chicago

I’m going to level with you, dear reader. I’m not sure how much of Slaughterhouse I’m going to be able to make this weekend. It’s going on, though, and that’s the good news. Chicago has a TON of scooter riders and with good reason. A scooter is pretty much the only fun way to get anywhere in this town. All the fancy pants money boys in their sliver Ferraris have nowhere to gallop. There are too many stop lights and too few long and winding roads. The Metra is a great place to take a nap and while the L can be exciting, mugged at gunpoint doesn’t count. Nope, the only fun to be had on the road in Chicago is on a scooter. So if you’re partying with the cool kids this weekend, I’m going to try to join you, but if I can’t, pour a little out for me. That is, while we all dodge the remnants of that damned hurricane.

Slaughterhouse 18

Special thanks to 2StrokeBuzz for reminding us!

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