Fun new scooter merch

A couple of fun items have made their way to ScooterFile headquarters in the past few days. First was this Vespa messenger bag from the HauteLook sale we featured a few weeks ago:

It’s cream vinyl with black and dark gray accents and nice texture choices throughout. The materials are very high quality. I swore it was leather when I first unboxed it. The inside is rip-stop nylon and the lining has a Louis Vuitton-esque embroidered pattern of the Vespa logo. Inside, there are the expected mix of pockets and dividers, but to my surprise, there’s also a laptop compartment complete with velcro tie-down strap. The bag itself is not padded though, so it’s more a laptop carrier than a laptop bag. That’s fine with me, as I was only really looking for something to carry my iPad on the train. I am happy to report, however, that my 13″ MacBook Pro inside its Thule hard sleeve fits perfectly in this bag’s laptop slot. So should I want to haul a proper computer, I at least have the option.

The bag has a real premium feel without seeming fragile or pretentious. The branding is subtle, but not hidden either. The challenge at this point will just be keeping that cream vinyl clean. What I like most is the size. It’s big enough to be a proper bag (and not a murse), but still small enough to throw over across my shoulders, tuck behind my back and make my way through the crowd of commuters without bumping my gear into anybody.

The second fun piece of scooter-themed merch to come my way is this mug from Starbucks:

The mug features the Lambretta silhouette from their Italian Roast line of coffee. It’s oversized, and the silhouette is actually in negative relief from the mug’s green glaze. So while the dark green of the mug is nice and smooth, the scooter is a different texture, closer to the raw pottery. It’s a nice detail and a very nice mug. A big thinks to The Mrs for spying it and bringing it home to me.

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