HFL Names the Vespa 946 in 2013 “Awesome Bikes” List

It’s no secret we’re fans of Hell For Leather. Today HFL Ringmaster, Wes Siler, posted his list of “13 bikes that will make 2013 awesome“. I agree with most of his choices wholeheartedly, especially the new offerings from Honda. On his list of fun motorcycles is one scooter: the Vespa 946 Quarantasei.

Even if the 946 just had new looks, it’d be on this list. Just look at the thing. But, the story doesn’t stop there. An all-new, 125cc, four-stroke motor boost fuel efficiency 30 percent to 129mpg while also adding more horsepower and torque for a total of 11.4bhp and 7.9lb./ft, but retains its simplicity with air cooling. Exactly the bike Vespa should be making in the 21st century and probably the most stylish powered two-wheeler out there.

I have to agree with Mr. Siler here on every point. It’s a great looking machine and the innovations brought to it are exactly what Vespa should be doing to push the envelope of what a modern small scooter should be. Wes doesn’t even mention that the Vespa 946 is equipped with ABS and traction control systems.

Yet while the very existence of the 946 in production form is something scooter fans should be excited about, what remains to be seen is just how accessible all that “awesome” is going to be. How many will Vespa produce? How much will it cost? We’ve received confirmation from dealer sources that the Vespa 946 will arrive in US showrooms in spring of 2014 (which technically means it’ll miss HFL’s year window for awesomeness in 2013, but who’s counting?). I have a feeling that the 946 is going to be one of those bikes, like a Heinkel Tourist or a Triumph Tessy that will be the show stopping bike at any rally it shows up to. In that sense, I kind of hope Vespa doesn’t make than many of them.

What bike are you looking forward to in 2013?

Source: Hell For Leather

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