HFL Weighs in on EICMA, Vespa 946, Industry at Large

Online motorcycle magazine Hell for Leather provides some of the best motorcycle reporting you’ll find anywhere. Their perspective on the motorcycle industry is one I often look to in order to put my finger on the pulse of what’s going on in powersports (man, I hate that term so much). Contributor Michael Uhlarik has weighed in on this year’s EICMA and how what he saw there this year reflects on the industry at large.

In short, many of the industry’s key players are in dire straights, and the North American market is less and less relevant in driving demand. Meanwhile the market in India, Vietnam, Indonesia and Taiwan is exploding.

Yet it’s not all doom and gloom. Several of the industries big players are finding success through innovation, but particularly by finding their roots. His prime examples include Piaggio Group (he describes the new Vespa 946 as a “design tour de force”) and Honda, who as Eric and I like to put it, are finally making Hondas again.

The entire article is really worth your time. Check it out over on Hell For Leather.

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