Q1 Scooter Sales Fall -34.6% for USA. Cold Weather To Blame?

An abnormally cold (or arguably absent) spring has apparently taken its toll on the motorcycle, scooter and ATV industry for the first quarter of 2013. Compared to last year, the whole industry is slumping -13.3% overall, but the clear loss leader is the scooter segment, which is down a whopping -34.6%. Now granted, these numbers only reflect those OEMs who actually report their sales numbers. BMW, for example, actually saw considerable growth for both Q1 and April of this year. Although, those numbers had no details as to sales success of their scooter offerings.

Sales Table

The burning question is one of causality, however. Is 2013 going to be a slump year for scooters overall? Has the market shifted away? Or is weather really the culprit and will warmer weather see a rise in scooter sales corresponding to temperatures? Time will tell.

Source: Dealer News

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