St. Louis area scooter shop also meth lab

There’s bad brakes then there’s Breaking Bad. For one St. Louis area scooter shop, inferior mainland Chinese scooters weren’t the only dangerous things in their inventory. When police raided Brad’s Scooters in St. Charles, they found a guns, piles of cash, and a working meth lab. Bradley E. Gelber, of Brad’s Scooters, was arrested when a tip led police to search the building. The fuzz found meth on Brad’s person and that led them to search the rest of his facility.

In 2008, a rash of quickly-established scooter shops cropped up across the United States. High gas prices were fueling a scooter sales boom and an ignorant public was consuming anything scooter shaped, regardless of brand quality or dealer support. Most of those dealerships folded in 2009, leaving customers high and dry with scooters about as reliable as your average methamphetamine addict. No surprise then that this make-a-quick-buck kind of attitude could bleed over into other, more nefarious enterprises.

Source: via Scoot! Club

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