Video: Gas Prices and Scooters in Chicago

Hot off the digital presses is this story from Fox Chicago News. Shot on location at Scooterworks and featuring Genuine Scooter Company’s own Philip McCaleb, this quick little news piece hits most of the high-level points common to these types of local news spots. High gas prices? Check. Scooters as an inexpensive alternative? Check. Great gas mileage? Check. Easy parking? Check. News anchor reinforcing societal gender insecurities? Check.

What’s refreshing about this piece is that one of the news anchors, Anna Davlantes, actually owns a scooter herself and calmly extols their virtues and practical limitations. It’s great to see scooters get this kind of attention — especially a quality brand like Genuine. Meanwhile it’s unfortunate that anchor Chorey McPherrin didn’t take it a little more seriously — all but cutting reporter Patrick Elwood off at the knees when insisting he “make sure it’s a good, manly color.” It appears that this story is part of an ongoing series, later returning to talk about keeping your scooter secure and the obvious safety concerns. Looking forward to seeing how they follow up.

Via: Genuine Scooter Company
Source: Fox News Chicago

UPDATE: New footage from a follow-up segment where Patrick Elwood actually takes to the road on what looks like a Genuine Roughhouse.

Chicagoans Consider Scooters for Alternate Transportation, Save Money on Gas:

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