New Federal Transportation Law to Include Motorcycle Advisory Council

The AMA reported earlier this month that both the U.S. House and Senate versions of the new national highway bill (H.R. 3763 and S. 1647, respectively) have been passed with significant provisions and protections intact for offroad enthusiasts and traditional motorcyclists.
The DRIVE Act proposes an ambitious outlay of federal funds from 2016-2021 to increase states’ compliance with best practices in highway safety, technology and efficiency.

According to the summary provided by, the bill, known as the DRIVE act, “​Requires the FHWA to establish a competitive grant program for major surface transportation infrastructure projects.”

This initiative is backed by a proposed $40 billion increase in federal highway spending over the 5-year time period covered by the bill.
Additionally, the DRIVE Act “revises and makes permanent the reservation of a specified amount of transportation enhancements program funds apportioned to a state for… recreational trails program.…”

In a savvy move calculated to acknowledge the burgeoning motorcycling population and our unique safety needs, the Secretary of Transportation will be directed to appoint a ten-member Motorcyclist Advisory Council. That group, to be comprised of state and national motorcyclist foundation members and infrastructure professionals, will communicate directly with the Administrator on Infrastructure on behalf of motorcyclists.

While each individual state will be able to attempt to claim federal funds for safety monitoring and implementation, highway infrastructure and recreational trails under this bill, the DOT will be directed to “establish a competitive grant program to reward states, local governments, tribal organizations, and MPOs for implementation of policies and procedures that support performance-based management or use innovative technologies and best practices that improve the performance of the surface transportation system.”

As of 10/20/2015, the House bill is awaiting further review.

Source: Dealer News

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