New Scooter-related Laws for 2015

Industry news outlet Dealer News has published a summary of new motorcycle-related laws that took effect January 1st. While most don’t apply to scooters and mopeds specifically, a few do.

For example, the State of Indiana is now requiring motorized bicycles and traditional mopeds to register as either above or below 50cc, have proof of ownership, carry liability insurance, and have a valid motorcycle endorsement on their driver’s license. The editorial staff here at ScooterFile think this is a great idea, as we suggested pretty much exactly the same thing almost exactly a year ago.

In Michigan, rules have been updated to close a loophole that was allowing riders to simply renew their rider permit year after year without actually testing into their full motorcycle endorsement. Show of hands, who has done this? Who knows someone who’s done this? Well in Michigan, you’re only going to be allowed to get your permit twice in a 10-year period. Time to get the cones out and practice for the state test. Or better yet, just take your local MSF course and get you endorsement that way.

Lastly, a new Texas law is requiring motorcycles (and scooters) that are intended to carry a passenger must have both a grab rail of some sort and either pegs or foot boards specifically intended for the passenger. Additionally, it’s now illegal to carry a passenger on a motorcycle or scooter which was not designed to carry a pillion. This seems like common sense stuff, so it leaves us wondering what must have happened to require that something this basic be written into law.

You can catch other moto-related laws that just came into effect, check out the full Dealer News post, and also the AMA’s state laws page on their site.

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