Ohio Legislature Voting Today on Scooter Parking Bill

Today the Ohio State Legislature House Transportation, Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee is scheduled to vote on a parking measure that would allow scooters of 150cc or smaller park on sidewalks and more or less anywhere else that isn’t in the way. The Ohio State Senate passed Senate Bill 194 back in November by a unanimous vote. Should the House committee approve the measure it would, we assume, then be taken up for a floor vote.

The bill outlines a number of parking rules. That is, it outlines all the places one is not to park their motor vehicle. Then, written in as an exception, the following language is included:

A person shall be permitted, without charge or restriction, to stand or park on a sidewalk a motor-driven cycle or motor scooter that has an engine not larger than one hundred and fifty cubic centimeters, or a bicycle, provided that the motor-driven cycle, motor scooter, or bicycle does not impede the normal flow of pedestrian traffic. This division does not authorize any person to operate a vehicle in violation of section 4511.711 of the Revised Code.

I can’t help but look at this as a case of “great minds think alike” as I suggested something similar in this story we posted last week. With a unanimous vote in the Senate, here’s hoping that scooter fans in Ohio are about to have a much easier time with parking. My favorite part of the story, however, comes in the bill’s origins. Apparently Ohio State Senator Bill Seitz brought forth the bill in the Senate because his law partner had a scooter of his own and had trouble parking it. It’s good to have friends in high places.

Source: Dealer News
Photo Credit: Flickr

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