The Reaper, a Custom Buddy 170i

Building a custom scooter is always an exercise in balance. How much custom fabrication does one do? Do you focus on performance or outlandish visual design? What’s the paint scheme going to look like? Then there’s the big question: budget?

One thing that is often hard to figure out when you see someone else’s custom machine is just what went into it. In particular, how much of it is bolt-on and something that the average scooterist could do with a little elbow grease and basic tools? Well today’s custom scooter is The Reaper, shared by ScooterWorks USA, and it answers that question in fine fashion.

The Reaper by ScooterWorks USA

Basically, The Reaper is a great example of what can be done with some careful catalog choices and a little know how. Built by Genuine Scooter Company’s own in-house tech advisor, Massimo, this “sleeper” Buddy 170i, as they call it, is a pretty menacing machine to look at. Yet perhaps the best thing about it is how much performance focus has been put into this little matte black bike. Upgraded suspension front and rear, upgraded brakes and key engine performance upgrades are just some of the things that’ll make The Reaper go fast and turn sharp.

What do you guys think? Find out more, including what bolt-on parts were used, over at the ScooterWorks Blog

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