Gallery: The C50 Mini-Bobber by Lê Thanh Bình

Custom scooters are growing in popularity, and we’re starting to see some usual suspects. We all know the west coast-style Ruckus, which is awesome, but I’ve become a bigger and bigger fan of people doing interesting things with the Honda Cub and its variations.

Take this C50 from Lê Thanh Bình dubbed “The Mini-Bobber.” It’s a very interesting mix of typical custom Cub elements and bobber details. For example, the leg shield has been removed, which is common for custom Cubs, but this bike has added a reinforcement to the chassis. The triangle headlight is a particularly interesting detail common to custom bobbers, but not often seen on small bikes like this. Then of course, you can’t ignore the tall handlebars.

What do you think? Would you cruise your street on this gnarly little bike? I certainly would.

Via: Facebook

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