Honda Bringing the Forza 300 Maxi-scooter to the USA

For the past 20 years or so, scooters have been an afterthought for the major Japanese motorcycle manufactures. For some, this is still true, but in the past few seasons Honda has been stepping up its scooter game in a big way, even displacing Piaggio as Europe’s most popular scooter brand.

Honda’s latest addition to its US offering is the Forza, a midsize, fuel-injected, liquid-cooled machine aimed at tackling everything from light touring to serious commuting duty. Honda describes the package as something “That all adds up to a ride that’s big enough for extended rides for two, but versatile, practical and economical enough to keep transportation costs way down.”

Speaking of cost, the Forza will run you $5,599 for the standard version and $6,099 for an ABS variant. Expect this new machine in July of this year.

As for style, the Forza definitely has the family resemblance — looking very much the big brother to Honda’s popular PCX 150. Also, you can get the Forza in any color you like, so long as that color is Pearl Red. That, according to Dealer News.

We’re thrilled that Honda is continuing to bring over great machines already available in Asian and European markets, but the lack of color choices is pretty inexcusable. Especially in a market where scooters are, for most, a secondary transportation or pleasure purchase. C’mon Honda, variety is the spice of life. A quick search online will find the Forza looking very handsome in silver, black and white. Hopefully we’ll see those options appear State-side as well.

Via: Dealer News

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