Piaggio MP3s Wear Front Tires Faster

It’s common to replace the rear tire on a two-wheeler twice, sometimes three times, before the front tire needs swapping. Owners of the Piaggio MP3, however, seem to be wearing out their front tires at nearly the same rate as the rear, at least according to Scooter Station. Of particular interest is where the wear is showing up. MP3 riders are wearing the shoulders off their front tires — no doubt because of the MP3’s ability to lean deep into corners with confidence. Also evident in the report is wear from heavy braking. Both of these wear signs seem tied to precisely what makes the MP3 unique. Those two wheels up front are what let the MP3 brake so effectively and lean so deeply. Is it worth it? Any MP3 owners out there experiencing this high tire wear? Sound off in the comments.

Source: Scooter Station

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