2015 Vespa GTS Gets ABS/ASC, Supersport, and New Touring Edition

Announced at EICMA 2014, Vespa has made a series of small updates of its large-frame model, the GTS. Unlike the complete re-platforming we’ve seen in the small-frame Vespas like the Sprint and the Primavera, the GTS is making only incremental advances for 2015. Most notably, Vespa have added ABS an ASC (traction control) to the GTS. Unlike the Sprint or the 946, the extra mass and power of the GTS starts to feel like it actually warrants the electronic help under braking, so these will likely be key feature points for GTS buyers going forward.

2015 Vespa GTS

The 2015 GTS will also be available in two upper range models. The first, the Supersport, is familiar to Vespa fans, and will continue to feature key visual differentiators such as graphics. The second is a Touring edition meant for extended getaways.


The 2015 Vespa GTS Touring is based on the regular GTS, but adds a midsize windshield and luggage racks attached front and rear. Vespa also say the GTS Touring features increased underseat storage, however it’s unclear if that storage is bigger for the whole GTS lineup, or if they’ve done something special just for the Touring edition. At any rate, Vespa wants to encourage people to travel across the board, as they’ve debuted Touring editions of both the Primavera and the PX.


What we’re not seeing in the 2015 GTS is the same level of generational shift we’ve seen in the past year with the Primavera and the Sprint. Industry sources tell us that when that next-generation GTS does land, it’ll inherit two key things from other models across the Piaggio group. From the 946, it will likely adopt the more contemporary, more angular design language we’ve already seen in the Primavera and the Sprint. We expect updated touch-points and an overall greater focus on the emotional aesthetics we’ve seen in Vespa model updates of late. Sources also tell us that the next generation GTS will feature the same advanced 350cc power plant found in the Piaggio BV350. That engine has earned love around the world under the Piaggio badge, and placing it in the classic steel lines of a Vespa should slot the GTS perfectly between the small-frame crowd and those looking for a little more freeway capability.

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