Vespa Updates the GTV, Adds ABS and ASR

The Vespa GTV is one of those scooters you don’t see in the wild too often, but for those who love its fender light throwback to the early “handlebar” Vespas of the late ’40s, there’s nothing better. For model year 2016, Vespa has brought the GTV inline with the rest of the GTS lineup. That is, despite its open handlebars, fender headlight, and other GTV-specific details, the new GTV picks up the same lightly refreshed underpinnings as the GTS 300 Super. Like the GTS, the GTV 300 ABS is now available with anti-lock braking and ASR, Piaggio’s traction control system. The new GTV also features an updated front suspension, which Vespa is calling ESS, and a front rack as standard. A powered USB port in the GTV’s glovebox is also a nice modern touch.

2016 Vespa GTV 300 ABS

Powered by the same 21.1 hp, 278cc single as the rest of the GTS 300 family, the GTV isn’t surprising us much. With the whole GT lineup now very long-in-the-tooth, we’re assuming that this is the last update we’ll see before the entire GT lineup gets refreshed and goes the way of the LX. What we’ve heard so far is that the new large-frame Vespas will share their power plant with the Piaggio BV350, which we’re looking forward to. We can also assume that these new large-frame Vespas will continue to follow the updated, Vespa 946-inspired design language that we’ve seen handed down to the new Primavera and Sprint models. One thing we haven’t heard any rumors about yet is the return of the GTV or something like it in this next generation large-frame lineup. With neither the GTV nor the LX-V as sales leaders, this 2015 GTV might very well be your last chance at a factory fender light Vespa for the foreseeable future.

2016 Vespa GTV 300 ABS

In the meantime, the 2015 Vespa GTV 300 ABS is available in Metallic Grey, with chrome wheels and the GTV’s typical two-piece saddle. The grey/maroon combo matches this year’s version of the 946, the Bellissima. MSRP is $7.399 and they should be available from your local Vespa dealer any day now.

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