Video: Four Friends, Three Vintage Vespas, One Epic Adventure

Four german friends named Lars, Dani, Blumi, and Mariuz undertook a terrific adventure in the USA last year. They undertook an epic adventure on four vintage Vespas that saw them crossing the country between NYC and Los Angeles on a journey of nearly 5,600 miles. Calling their project “Motorliebe“, or “motor love” in German, what’s obvious is that they had fun in their adventures.


Via Google Translate:

Motor Love is a state of mind. It describes the goose bumps when starting a V8 just like the smell of warm engine oil. The view of empty mountain roads, the click when changing gears, the snotty Plop when downshifting. Motor Love is not measured in terms of performance, but in a heartbeat. It is the feeling of happiness that happens to us in the dressage machines – no matter how many wheels do this. Motor Love is at the same time a code word for all, detached from age and position who love their cars and mopeds. Because they bring them freedom and adventure like nothing else in the world.


There’s a terrific photo gallery available here.
There’s a book of their adventure available here.
You can also read an interview with Dani here.

Via: 2StrokeBuzz, who always posts great stuff.

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