The Guardian, a Custom Vespa by Cris Cofitis

Greek sculptor Cris Cofitis is no stranger to elaborate, custom-built two wheelers. He’s competed at the AMD Championship custom bike build-off at Sturgis. Yet for his latest project, Cris chose a vintage Vespa as the canvas for what is simply a staggering piece of rolling sculpture. With elements of dieselpunk, retro-futurism and profound artistic vision, this bike, dubbed “The Guardian” may just take the prize as the most incredible custom scooter I’ve ever seen.

The Guardian - A Custom Vespa by Cris Cofitis

From every angle, there’s a treasure trove of detail. Yet there’s still a cohesive theme of repeating elements. It’s extremely difficult to pay this much attention to individual details without creating a big visual mess, yet that’s just what Cris has done here — tied these elements and themes together into something far more than the sum of its many parts.

The Guardian - A Custom Vespa by Cris Cofitis

Notice the pineapple grenades throughout, and the many references to small jet engines. I won’t go down the rabbit hole of why this aesthetic isn’t actually steampunk (although that’s what the whole internet is calling this machine right now), but I can shorthand it this way. This Vespa is much more Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and much less Wild Wild West. Regardless of classification, it’s a visual feast.

Source: AutoEvolution

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