Two Tiny Vespas That Make a Big Impression

With the remnants of 19″ of snow on the ground here at ScooterFile HQ in Chicago, we know all too well how important it is to keep busy during winter. Otherwise, the itch to get out and ride your scooter just might make you lose your sanity. Many people, scooter fans and not, often turn to projects to help keep busy waiting for spring. Turns out this isn’t unique to just us here in the midwest, or here in America for that matter.

Vespa Miniatures

Take these amazing, micro-sized Vespa models. It’s not one but two 1:35 scale Vespas that have been made a part of equally small dioramas by Satoshi Araki, a highly skilled model maker in Japan. The first was modeled with all the patina a neglected little Vespa might see after decades of weather and work. The other was crafted to the opposite extreme — with shiny paint and as-new details.

Vespa Miniatures

The result is utterly charming. As if these tiny Italian scooters weren’t cute enough on their own, they’ve even been placed in scale scenes — little vignettes of micro-sized scooter life. So fun. I think we can definitely say that Satoshi Araki has put his winter to very good use.

Vespa Miniatures

The original site (via Google Translate) can be found here, including more photos.

Story via The Scooter Scoop on Facebook.

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