Vespa Expands its Presence in Eastern India

Last year, Vespa made its return to India, once one of its largest market. This time, Vespa returned as not a vehicle for the masses, but rather an aspirational brand popular with fashionable youth in India. Even Vespa calls their offerings in India a new “luxury scooter segment.” This according to Piaggio’s managing director in Inida, Ravi Chopra:

“Vespa has been triumphant in meeting the aspirational needs of the fashion, style and brand conscious individuals, further establishing its strong brand identity. In a year’s time, this timeless brand has been successful in winning hearts and turning heads. We are proud of the fact that the original Vespa has set industry benchmarks, and created an all new luxury scooter segment in India. It is a highly gratifying feeling and has been a wonderful journey until now.”

With that first year under its belt, Vespa has its eyes on Eastern India, now opening a dealership in the city of Kolkata. This full-service dealership will offer bikes, spares, repair and other services. The eyes of the industry remain on Vespa, interested to see if this self-described luxury scooter market will hold in this every growing part of the world.

Source: The Times of India

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