Video: The Vespa Joyride Exhibit Gets Sexy (slightly NSFW)

Scooters and the scooter lifestyle are common subjects for artistic expression. Recently Artist Richard Scott has teamed up with Vespa of South Africa to create an art exhibition aimed at exposing (literally) the sex appeal of the classic italian scooter brand. Dubbed “The Joyride Exhibit” this show takes previously rendered works of Scott’s art and paints them directly onto four Vespas, using the scooters themselves as canvases.

At first glance, I couldn’t help but think of the heavy stroke style behind Hello Kitty. The bright colors and simple line forms create lots of visual boldness, and the subject matter of the simplified female form create pieces of mobile pop art. In the artist’s own words:

“When art and creativity meet – unique, attractive creations form and are difficult to ignore. In fact, they push you to celebrate with unbridled joy. That’s what Joyride is all about and at Vespa we know the surefire formula for exuberance and exhilaration is your Vespa and the open road – try it.”

The results are pretty compelling. Scooters make a great canvas for artistic expression of many types, and really, we’d hope that this kind of scooter customization would take off in a big way. Obviously you could purchase or commission Richard Scott to do one of these for you. The four original, hand-painted Vespas from the Joyride Exhibit were on sale for about $14,600. While perhaps too steep an asking price for most, the originality and evocative nature of these designs is tough to ignore. We can’t help but wonder how long it will take for someone to create a vinyl kit with a similar style.

You can see more of the Joyride Exhibit over at Vespa South Africa’s Facebook page, and you can learn more about the artist on Richard Scott’s website. Tip of the hat to ScooterNova, for letting us know about this story.

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