Vespa LXV: First Model Discontinued in Anticipation of the Primavera

Vespa’s 2015 Primavera model (slated to land in dealers in spring or summer 2014) will replace the existing LX series. While some LX and LXS models will still be available until the Primavera arrives, Vespa has no plans to import and distribute any more of the stylish LXV variants. Supply of one of the current colors, Sienna Ivory, is reportedly already gone, with few of the Espresso Brown color left in Vespa’s U.S. warehouses. It’s unknown how many are left at dealerships, with some sold out and others reporting they have sufficient supply for the next few months.

Vespa Americas no longer has a supply of the Siena Ivory LXV.

Vespa Americas no longer has a supply of the Siena Ivory LXV.

All the variants of Vespa’s current lineup are essentially different only in style with the same chassis, engines and similar specs. The vintage-inspired LXV was launched in 2006, just a year after the base LX model. Two years later, the sportier LXS (with a mid-’60s style trapezoidal headlight) was introduced.

The Primavera’s arrival means that all three LX versions will be gone by 2015, marking a significant contraction in the company’s smallframe offerings. Our guess is it won’t be long before Primavera variations are revealed.

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