Video: Vespa The Resistance 24H — The LeMans of Scooter Racing

Last week we shared an on-track video of a race-prepped Vespa chasing down a supermoto motorcycle with everything hanging out, knees included. Today we want to put something more entirely scooter related on your racing radar. The event is called Vespa The Resistance 24H, and it’s pretty remarkable. Racing for even a few laps puts immense stress on rider and machine, now imagine stretching that out to a full 24 hours of competition. That’s what VTR24H will do for the third time May 10-11, 2014.

Held at the Zuera International Circuit in Spain, the VTR24H race is a spectacle. Racing day and night, Vespas and riders both pass through the fires of motorsport, taking themselves to the limit of mental focus and mechanical fortitude. The juxtaposition of such small, unassuming bikes being ridden to their absolute racing limits — with all the intensity of a big MotoGP race — is really entertaining to us. Check out the video above to get a flavor of the racing action, and check out the VTR24H website for even more info. Anybody going or been these two previous years? We’d love to hear from you!

Via: Scooterist Blog
Photo Credit: Vespamore

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