Vespa’s posh new dealerships in India

The world’s most famous name in scooters is in the process of returning to one of the world’s largest scooter markets: India. However, the brand is coming back to India a very different company — with a very different machine than it was building when it left. Vespa was once the first name in stylish, practical, inexpensive transportation. Given the landscape of Indian transportation today, Vespa is returning as a lifestyle brand — much more Lexus than Geo. Fitting then, that the dealership experience in India will be rather up-market. Above is a photo from of the first of many:

By the end of 2012, Piaggio India plans to unveil 50 dealerships in 35 cities across the length and breadth of India. Over the next couple of years, this number will be scaled up to 150 dealerships across the country. The Vespa LX125 will be built at Piaggio India’s brand new manufacturing facility at Baramati, Maharashtra, a facility that has the capacity of producing 150,000 scooters every year.

The machine leading the way in India is a smaller displacement little brother to the LX150 we have here in The States. Boasting 10.7 hp, the LX125 comes stock with drum brakes front and rear, with an optional front disk available if you’re willing to pony up the extra cash. Those wondering how Vespa could down-scale the LX and make it affordable in India, that front drum brake is a good place to start looking. No doubt larger, and more expensive Vespa models will soon follow.


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