Video: MotoGeo Rides the Vespa 946

Former Isle of Man TT road racer Jamie Robinson runs a fun little YouTube channel and moto adventure brand called MotoGeo. Typically their videos involve Jamie riding an adventure-type motorcycle in some exotic location, or tearing up a canyon on a sport bike while he takes in the local scenery, food and events.

For this video, MotoGeo takes a slightly different tack. It’s a simple premise. A young woman rides a black Vespa 946 in what looks like the California sun and has a lovely afternoon tooling around and hanging out. It’s a very nice little vignette of the Vespa in-motion, as well as a fresh look at many of the bike’s details.

As cute as this little video is, there’s one thing that sticks in my craw about it. This woman is simply referred to as “Vespa Girl”. Her name is never given, not even in the credits. Instead, it’s like she’s a prop — just a living hanger for the Alpinestars gear she’s wearing. She’s lent her time and her skill as a rider, yet gets no credit for it whatsoever. What gives? Furthermore, MotoGeo videos typically have a review component to them where they talk about the virtues of whatever machine they’ve been generously given to ride around on. There’s none of that here. Seems like a missed opportunity that Vespa Girl doesn’t get to have a name, and also doesn’t get to have an opinion about the scooter she’s riding.

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