Video: Vespa Offering Air-cooled, 3V, 125cc GTS Super in Vietnam

For any given OEM, what they offer in one market vs. another can vary widely. What Ford sells in Europe is not the same lineup of cars offered in the United States, for example. The same is true for scooter manufacturers like Vespa, who are now selling 125cc and 150cc versions of their large-frame scooter, the GTS Super, in Vietnam.

A bald eagle? Really?

A bald eagle? Really?

Utilizing the same next-generation 3V engine powering the Vespa 946, Piaggio Fly and upcoming Vespa Primavera, the GTS Super 125i/150i gives the Vietnamese market a luxury scooter option with a bit more footprint than Vespas existing small-frame offerings like the LX. While the GTS 125i is offered in other markets, such as the UK, the version on sale in Vietnam is produced especially for this market.


For the scooter industry at large, the real growth has come in places like India and Vietnam. There, like most of its other markets, Vespa has positioned itself as a premium scooter brand. More than just a way to get around, the Vespa is a fashion and lifestyle statement. In a way that’s nothing new for Vespa, but given where they now lie in the price point of modern scooters, that statement comes at a price premium.

Via: ScooterNova

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