Video: Watch Scooterspot Amsterdam Custom Paint a Vespa LX-150

Ever wonder what it takes to repaint a modern scooter? Turns out its a lot of work. Yet given how few color options manufacturers give buyers, re-sprays are getting more and more common. In this video, we see how custom shop Scooterspot Amsterdam takes a Vespa LX-150 down to raw, and back up in a custom paint job.

If I could change just one thing about scooter and motorcycle manufacturers, it’d be to force them to offer more colors for all their bikes. Genuine Scooter Company has long been the exception — offering a broad range of colors and even changing them up pretty often. Vespa has started to follow suit, but many of the major players will commonly offer a bike in the USA in only one color! Even when multiple colors are available, many OEMs will still won’t bring all of those colors state-side. For example, both Honda’s new Forza and the Kymco MyRode 700i are coming to America in just one color each.

So what to do? Well one option is to pay a custom shop to strip down your baby and bring it back up in the color of your choice. It’ll cost you, but who can put a price on individuality? Why’s it cost so much? Watch the video above and get a sense for all the work that goes into this kind of work. Are the results worth it? That’s up to you and your pocketbook. Meanwhile, enjoy the process.

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