The 2015 Yamaha SMax

For the major Japanese manufacturers, scooters have been an afterthought for nearly a decade. Only recently have Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki made significant investments in developing new products in the scooter segment. In particular, small to midsize modern scooter designs have increased over the past 2-3 years. Examples like the PCX and Forza from Honda and the Burgman 200 from Suzuki have blurred the lines between traditional maxi-scooter design and the midsize scooter form factor.

Yamaha SMax

Enter the new Yamaha SMax. Little brother to Yamaha’s half liter TMax maxi-scooter, the 155cc SMax is aimed squarely at Honda’s PCX-150 and Suzuki’s Burgman 200. Featuring fuel injection and a 4-valve head, the SMax is rumored to be able to hit nearly 90 mph. Yamaha bills the TMax as a “sports scooter” and it would appear they have similar aspirations for the Smax in its size class. At just 328 lbs ready-to-ride, the SMax is certainly trim for a scooter of this size. In fact it’s reportedly 30 lb lighter than the baby Burgman.

At $3,690, the Yamaha SMax is $200 more expensive than the Honda PCX, but a whopping $1,300 less expensive than the Burgman 200. Why the price difference? The Burgman comes standard with ABS, which neither the Honda nor the Yamaha offer at this time.

Yamaha SMax

So the new Yamaha SMax certainly appears to be a contender in the midsize modern scooter market. For those looking for fun, ultra-practical transportation rather than nostalgia and style, the market is becoming ever more ripe with choice.

Via: Motorcycle Daily

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