BMW Recalls C-Series Scooters Over Side Stand Switch Issue

The BMW C600 Sport and C650 GT have been massive sales successes for BMW. Not much of a surprise, given all the standard features and their competitive pricing with bikes like the Suzuki Burgman. Yet it hasn’t been all smooth sailing for these new BMW models. A few months back, we reported on a stalling issue plaguing some C-Series scooters. While that issue prompted a BMW service bulletin, there was no recall over the issue.

A new issue has turned up on the C-Series BMWs, in addition to motorcycles across the BMW lineup. The recall notice, affecting some 4,400 bikes in total, describes the issue this way:

“Water may enter the side stand switch, preventing the motorcycle from starting or potentially shutting off the motorcycle while it is a being ridden”

Now this may leave some scooter fans scratching their heads. Why would a twist-and-go scooter have a cut-off switch on the side stand? My Vespa doesn’t have that? It’s all about displacement. Above a certain engine size, all bikes — including scooters — are required to shut off when the side stand down to prevent accidents. Apparently this faulty BMW switch seems to think the stand is down, even when its not, and that’s a big problem when you’re out riding.

Have you had switch issues? We’d love to hear from you.

Source: Dealer News

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