Honda PCX-150 Review from Just Gotta Scoot

Leading up to the scooter “boom” of 2008, scooters as a segment were afterthoughts for the biggest Japanese manufactures. Scooter pioneers like Honda and fan favorites like Yamaha had been retreading the same old models for what felt like a generation. Suzuki’s Burgman plodded along and Kawasaki didn’t even bother with a scooter. While the bust of 2009 didn’t exactly bolster the USA’s position as a serious scooter market, in recent years the regular players from the land of the rising sun have not only expanded their scooter lineup, but actually brought many of those models state-side.

One of the earliest new scooters in that mix was the Honda PCX. Unveiled first as a 125cc, the PCX has since grown to 150cc and enjoys a handful of small evolutions going into MY 2015. Fundamentally though, the PCX is interesting because it combines Honda’s indisputable reputation for quality and reliability with a scooter design grounded in neither the nostalgia of Italy, nor the ’80s-centric styling of Honda’s past. Instead, the PCX is as modern as a midsize modern scooter could possibly be, and the result has been consistent demand from American, Asian and European customers alike.

Self-described scooter nut David Harrington of Just Gotta Scoot recently got his hands on a reader-lent PCX, and spent some time putting the scooter through its paces. Like any JGS review, David crunches the numbers to give us real-world stats:

The exposed bar of the PCX made it super-simple to mount a GPS and begin testing. Surprise, surprise, the Honda PCX 150 is very nearly spot on in speed and distance. The VAST majority of scooters we test are optimistic to the tune of 10% – 15%. Not so with the PCX, at an indicated 30 MPH the actual speed was….. 30 MPH. At 40 MPH indicated the actual speed was 39 MPH and at 50 MPH indicated the actual speed was 48 MPH. The Honda PCX 150 is ever so slightly optimistic. The odometer was right on with our actual test of 11 miles indicating 11 miles. The top speed I saw on the GPS was 63 MPH on a level surface.

Fuel economy was very good. I ran three tests of varying distances. The first test was only over 50 miles and included my searching for that top speed and some highway runs. That time I got 80 MPG. The next test was 50 miles of just about all parkway riding at 30MPH – 40MPH and I saw 93 MPG. The last was the cumulative mileage over 180 miles and included the first two checks for an average of 88 MPG.

DH goes on to talk controls, ergonomics, and riding impressions before tossing up one of his terrifically useful comparison tables. The whole review is a must-read for anyone considering Honda’s midsize scooter. You can read that full review here: Just Gotta Scoot’s Honda PCX Review

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