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Luke Sommen and his team have been developing their passion project for two years, and are reaping the rewards since the the first container landed, with the all their pre-sales delivered. On the 1st of November only eleven remain from first shipment of 76 “Dark Knight” ZH150cc Scoots in Matte Black.


How did it start ?

It started with Luke Sommen looking to import a customised Honda Zoomer and realising the unjustifiably high cost associated with grey imports from Japan plus the engineering restrictions with the style of scooter he wanted. So he looked down a different, even more expensive path to see if he could find a manufacturer that could work with him through the tedious and time consuming compliance process and to develop a non emasculating bare boned scoots for the ‘cool kids’ in Australia and by kids, Luke says ‘we have already pre-sold to riders from 21yrs to 57yrs of age!’

After several trips to many factories in China to find the best fit, Hunter Scooter now have a product with great QC plus approval from the Australian Government. “We’re expecting the boat to land shortly with our first shipment. Needless to say we are very excited. We have bought in a few mods to play around with but are focussing on building the community first… More custom parts to come later” Luke says.

The ADR/DOIT testing and compliance process was an interesting journey, with some issues being resolved through the testing process. The test scooter was fitted with a type pressure release valve by the supplier labelled “ABS”. Testing, alarmingly,  found that all it did in an emergency brake situation was to divert pressure from callipers and reduce braking power, preventing the scooters from developing the required clamping pressure. It passed once this was removed – accordingly this was completely removed from the production run.

They have achieved their goal of creating something that hadn’t’ been seen on the Australian city streets before. A scoots to ride, tweek, tune, customise and stand out from the pack. Limited to 76 per year, per colour. Each Season Hunter Scooters will developing a unique colour for that year’s production run.

At present the plans for the new model are strictly for Australia. The USA has a big enough Ruckus/Chuckus scene and already has similar scooters available in country – for example the Ice Bear Mad Dog Series. Or if you are in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii Kona Scooters.
Hunter Scooter 03

To date Hunter Scooter have been selling direct to the public through social media platforms, local and personal networks and Luke has been chased down in traffic on the prototype scooter so many times from drivers and riders of all types asking what it is and how much is it that he has even sold a few from the street!!

Instagram has been the best performer so far, and they have lined up a few shops they are looking to supply, but as this is a very limited a niche product. Luke Sommen said “We are going to be a selective to ensure the right fit. Inner-city, and the beach crowd seem to be our biggest clientele. We hope to have one supplier in each Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane by the end of the year.”

Hunter Scooter offers a 1 year/10,000klms warranty on the motor which is a 150cc GY6 variant plus as they would like to build a community of riders who are looking to customise their rides they will be on hand should new owners need any advice or run into any problems with a host of spares available.

Optional 12 inch custom front wheel

Hunter Scooters want their community to ride together and that means standing behind the product they supply. (though they will be hard to miss with their unique fatty rear wheels). Luke said “We are also very excited to see how our owners are going to customise their own rides.”


Hunter sees their future as a boutique manufacturer with a unique product and approach to the Australian market. Research completed by Hunter Scooter showed that only 10,000 scooters are sold nationally a year. Though they are not adverse to calculated risk, which is what sets them apart from those well known players leaving the country, they are also aware of how big their portion of the market is likely to be and have set their sales targets accordingly. Most scooter manufacturers have travelled down either one of two paths, classic or vintage styling or plastic clad generic scooters! – its no wonder the market has declining.

Despite the research findings we are seeing more people on two wheels than ever. Dense traffic in all our major cities, parking, fuel costs are all increasing. The flexibility, fun the enjoyment of the riders who have taken their prototype for a test ride, is giddying. With no known competitors in this space I think they are setting the scene for a new market to evolve, that may not have been identified previously.

The Owner Aussie Motorcycle Imports Pty Ltd, Joe Fisher went through a similar journey to get all the Approvals to the Honda Grom into the Australian market – after Honda Australia decided not to import them. Aussie Grom was successful in proving the market exists for a customisable bike small motorcycle. They were so successful that now Honda is importing the Grom direct through it’s Honda dealerships.

Hunter Scooter is taking it to the next level with something you can buy and ride straight from the crate and turn heads, or choose to go further with custom parts and paint. Online spares, mods and parts are plentiful and extremely varied. Some worthy sites to check out are:
Machined Machines

Technical parameters
Engine Type Displacement
Single cylinder, air cooled four stroke 150cc

Engine Model Max Power (kw/(r/min))
157QMJ 5.6 /6500 – 7.5 BHP

Max Torque (N.m (r/min)) Bore + Stroke
7.5/6000 57.4 x 57.8 – 5.5 ft lbs

Size Wheel Base
2000mm x 760mm x 1170mm 1530mm

Net Weight Max Load Mass
95kgs 150kgs

Max speed Fuel Tank Capacity
100 km/hr 5.5 Litres

Consumption – L/100klms
2.2 Litres – 106.9 MPG

Brake Type

Disk (Front and Rear)

Starting System Tyre Size
Electric & Kick front 130/90/10 rear 235/30/12 FAT

Battery Size
12v 7ah
Hunter Scooter 01

Details are available at Hunter Scooters

How much is a Hunter?
Hunter Scooters retail for AUD $4990 (GST included).

Contact Hunter Scooter for distribution and further information.
@hunterscooter #hunterscooter

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