Just Gotta Scoot reviews the 2013 SYM CityCom 300i

To call David Harrington’s scooter reviews at JustGottaScoot.com “thorough” would be the world’s grandest understatement. Not only does he examine every spec and aspect of the scooters he reviews, he even verifies them. Want to know how accurate the speedometer is? His reviews will tell you. We think that’s terrific, so when we saw that he had a new review of the 2013 SYM CityCom 300i, we consumed it immediately.

Beyond evaluating the CityCom on its own two wheels, Harrington goes on to compare it not just to its apparent competition (the Kymco GTi 300 and the Piaggio BV350) but even to the CityCom itself — that is, the 2009 version.

I elected to compare the SYM CityCom 300i with the new Kymco People GTi300 and the Piaggio BV350. All three scooters are excellent do-everything machines that share some characteristics: big wheels, relatively short wheelbase, liquid cooling, fuel injection, upright riding position and modern (as opposed to retro) design. I thought about including the Kymco People GTi200 because it’s closer in specification to the CityCom, both have about 21 horsepower and the GTi200 has an MSRP of $4,899. However, most dealers are not stocking the 200 under the assumption that their customers will want the 300 and it’s extra horses. Glancing at the comparison chart, the scooters are similar in specification other than price and horse power. More about both of those in a bit.

The verdict? Well we’re not going to spoil it for you here. Head on over to Just Gotta Scoot and check out David’s full review. Let his thoroughness be your guide.

Source: Just Gotta Scoot

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