Review: Genuine Buddy 170i by

The Genuine Scooter Company Buddy 125 has been the best selling scooter in America for several years running. It’s cute, but not too cute. It’s quick and easy to ride. It’s affordable. How could one possible improve upon it? How about more power and fuel injection? That’s where the Buddy 170i comes in. No more pesky carburetor and an extra 50cc or so that will pull you up to an honest 70 mph.

Turns out we’re not the only ones who like the Buddy 170i. Gabe Ets-Hokin over at Motorcycle-USA likes it too.

“At $3349, there are cheaper scooters in this class but plenty are more expensive, too, and don’t offer a two-year warranty (with roadside assistance – up to 100 miles free). Few are as much fun to ride or as tastefully styled. Genuine has a nice product lineup, and this Buddy 170i is a scoot I’d love to see in my garage.”

Read his full review over at Motorcycle-USA.

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