Scoot! Rides the 2013 Honda PCX

Honda’s 150cc PCX scooter is a bike that defies classification. It looks vaguely like a maxi scooter, but it’s small and light like the midsize bike that it is. Owners rave about them, and from our perspective anyway, it’s one of the more interesting bikes on the market right now.

Turns out the kids at Scoot! think it’s pretty rad as well.

The scooter got up to speed without hesitation, easily achieving 65 mph. There was room for more but it was going to take quite a bit of time to build beyond that cruising speed. On hills it was adequate topping-out around 55 mph on some mid-sized hills. Acceleration at low speed was met with quick response. So when riding at neighborhood speeds (25-25 mph) there is plenty of power left for passing or accelerating out of a tight situation. Riding two-up seems to make little impact on its acceleration and handling.

Click on over to Scoot! for the rest of the story, which unfortunately is buried behind their membership wall.

[Source: The Scoot! Club]
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