Video: 2015 Vespa GTS 300 ABS Wins Midsize Scooter Shootout

Over the past two years of new scooter models, the midsize segment of 250cc-400cc seems to have grown the most. With more freeway capability than a 150cc class scooter, but less bulk than a full maxi-scooter, the midsize class offers scooter riders a nice blend of both worlds. The chaps at recently did a head-to-head comparison of a number of different midsize scooters. Specifically, the Honda Forza 300, the Kymco Downtown 300i, the Piaggio BV350, the SYM Citycom 300i, and the new Vespa GTS 300 Super ABS.

Now if you’re reading this, we’ve spoiled the ending. Sorry about that. However, from our perspective the Vespa GTS 300 Super ABS coming out on top of this shoot-out is the story here. In terms of chassis and power plant, it’s the oldest scooter in the set. It’s as though the reviewers are saying that for all these midsize scooters that have come after the GTS, none of them have managed to actually be a better scooter. As a former Vespa GT200L owner myself, this makes a certain kind of sense to me. That’s the one bike I wish I’d never sold.

Yet I digress. Perhaps the most fascinating upset in this set is the Piaggio BV350 — a scooter that’s gotten rave reviews across the moto press. The BV350’s power plant is rumored to power the next generation of the GTS, which we expect for 2016. From this review, however, perhaps the GTS is better left alone. The full review is worth checking out, beyond just the video, and you can get it over at

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