Video: The Maxi-Scooter Shootout

The chaps from took four of the most well matched maxi-scooters on the USA market right now and pitted them against each other in a four-way scooter shootout.

• Kymco MyRoad 700
• Honda Silverwing
• BMW C 650 GT
• Suzuki Burgman 650 ABS

While predictably motorcycle-centric (it’s from after all), this video is a good basic overview of these four bikes, how they differ and what these four reviewers prefer. One thing they definitely get right is that for most scooterists, big scooters like this often end up on touring duty. While Kymco, Honda and especially Suzuki have definitely aligned their models strategically in that direction, it’s interesting that BMW considers its maxi-scooter lineup as part of its Urban Motility practice. Of the two petrol-powered C-series scooters offered by BMW, the C 650 GT is the more touring-oriented, but in BMW’s mind, it’s still a commuter at heart. Given the other models available in the BMW lineup that are hyper-focused on sport touring and adventure touring, this makes a lot of sense.

On the one hand, we have the traditional scooterist mentality that big scooters are for freeway commutes and long trips. Yet as more and more maxi-scooters come on the market, that usage is likely to shift. As they attract more and more commuters and motorcycle owners looking for a “city bike”, I suspect we’ll see more and more of these modern, high-capacity scooters in the urban corridors. While certainly not as nimble and stow-able as something like a Buddy 125 or a PCX-150, these big scooters do very well in town — especially for riders coming from larger, heavier motorcycles.

What’s of most interest to us here at ScooterFile is what you the reader thinks. We want to hear from owners of all four of these machines to get your take. Why’d you go the way you went and what has your experience been with your big scooter? How do you use it, and what’s been surprising.

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